An audit is an independent examination of a company’s books and records to ensure they are accurate and complete and the accounts reflect a true and fair position of the company’s finances.

An audit should not just be viewed as a cost and legal requirement, but rather, an investment and opportunity. It’s a mark of approval and symbol of confidence.

In auditing your business, our approach is to identify areas of risk and ultimately improve controls. Whether you’re small family business or larger international concern, we can advise you on how to improve your systems and processes.

An audit is required if your company is:

  • Limited by guarantee
  • Size qualifying
  • Late with annual returns
  • Otherwise required

Your regulatory requirements will be dealt with through our audit procedures and verification checks, thus ensuring that the needs of the Revenue Commissioners, CRO, banks and other third parties are fully satisfied.

In summary, we can:

  • Audit your financial statements
  • Evaluate and advise on your business systems and processes