The more thought you give to starting and running a business beforehand the more likely you are to succeed.

There are some fundamental questions you need to answer:

  • Have you funds to put into the business or will you need to borrow?
  • What are the legal and tax requirements that will apply?
  • How much will you earn during the first year?
  • How will you manage the books?
  • Have you a business plan or realistic projections?
  • Do you need staff, and if so, how will you manage them?

In short, there is a lot to consider when starting or buying a business. A quick chat with an accountant can go a long way.

In summary, we can:

  • Advise you on manual or computerised books and records
  • Advise you on suitable bookkeeping software
  • Advise you on the best structure for you business
  • Deal with third parties on your behalf
  • Form a company for you
  • Take care of your bookkeeping and payroll